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Pregnancy is one of the scariest and most difficult challenges a woman will ever face.  Before you make a choice about what to do, know all of the options available to you.  Make sure you, your partner or your parents are in the know.

Maybe you are thinking:

  • I could never tell anyone I’m pregnant.
  • I’m just not ready to be a parent.
  • I’m stressed because someone is insisting that I have an abortion.

There are a lot of reasons why you might choose abortion or adoption.  It could be you are scared, overwhelmed and maybe see no other way out.  Other reasons might include:

  • You don’t feel ready to parent
  • You are afraid of what your parents would say
  • You feel you would not be able to continue with your future plans
  • You don’t feel financially stable

At Azar House we are here to listen to all of your concerns and to help inform you on your options.  When considering the future it is important to know how far along you are in your pregnancy so you know what options are available to you

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