man-standing-rockRight now you may be feeling powerless.  You might be feeling angry, scared, depressed, or numb.  Culture says, “It’s her choice, not yours.”  It is important to share your feelings with your partner and also listen to hers.  It is important to try to talk through your situation and make an informed decision together.

Everything might be moving so fast, but remember to take your time, learn for yourself what all the options are, and what they could look like for you and your partner.  This is a lifelong decision.

Sometimes people make a hasty decision and they try to please their partner, but they end up regretting their decision.  Take the time to talk to people who can help.  At Azar House we are here to listen to you and your fears.  You can speak with a male counselor. Please know that your voice should be and can be heard too.

Know the facts.  You and your partner have three choices: parenting, adoption and abortion.  Take your time.  Ask questions.  Talk about them with your partner.  Seek male counsel from someone you trust.

man-hatAs you take the time to learn about all your options, this will help you better understand all the mental, emotional and physical changes that your partner (and possibly you for mental and emotional) is going through.  You also may be experiencing mental and emotional changes.

Dedicate yourself to helping one another during this time.  You were both there in the beginning, why not continue to be there for her? And one another.