No, you don’t have to tell your partner you want an abortion.

However, if you wish to continue your relationship and don’t have any concerns about potential abuse, then you may want to tell them.

Abortion is a huge decision that will impact both of your lives. Here are some reasons why you should consider telling your partner.

1. Trust Is Important in a Relationship.

Healthy relationships require mutual trust. 

Keeping a decision like this one to yourself could lead to breaking his trust if he finds out about it later. If you break his trust, it can be hard to rebuild. It’s not impossible, but it can strain your relationship. 

If you are open and honest with him from the beginning about your feelings and thoughts about your pregnancy and options, you can potentially strengthen your relationship.

2. Your Decision Will Impact Him.

Hypothetically, if you traded positions with your partner, would you want him to tell you he wanted an abortion?

While you are the woman in the relationship and this pregnancy impacts you the most, your decision will still impact his life and his future. Even though the choice is yours, he would likely want to be included in such a huge decision.

3. He Might Have a Different Outlook.

Even though you might think you have it figured out, his opinion could surprise you. He may have a different opinion or would like to consider other options first.

You won’t know unless you talk with him about it. 

4. Honesty Can Help You Feel Better.

Keeping a significant secret from your partner can put a weight on your shoulders. He might wonder why you’re acting differently or seem like you have something on your mind.

Sharing your feelings with him can make you feel less isolated and mentally lighter. Getting the secret off your chest will help you feel a sense of relief.

5. It Gives Him an Opportunity to Support You.

He can’t support you in your pregnancy if he’s unaware of the situation. Sharing your pregnancy with him will give him a chance to step up, go to appointments with you, and offer emotional support.

Are You Still Unsure?

We understand why telling a partner about this huge decision is so nerve-wracking. 

Talk with us first! We can be a safe space to share as you think about your next steps.

Schedule a free and confidential appointment to chat with us about your pregnancy options. Azar House can help with no-cost services, resources, and information. We’re here to support you.

You will never have this day again, so make it count.