REAL Essentials Advanced

Azar House offers the REAL Essentials Advanced Healthy Relationship Education program to Star Valley, WY and surrounding communities, such as Cokeville, WY, Montpelier, ID and Swan Valley, ID. This program is taught by our nurse manger, who is certified as a REAL Essentials instructor and also practices here in Star Valley as a Labor and Delivery nurse at our hospital.

With over 20 years experience in her field, and having completed the certification training at The Center For Relationship Education in Denver, CO, our nurse manager is excited to present this curriculum to the youth in our area.

Per the Center for Relationship Education’s website:

REAL Essentials Advance is the country’s leading relationship education curriculum. It is specifically designed to equip adults to teach young people skills for combating challenges they face in adolescence. Lesson content captivates the heart and directs students toward positive decision making. The sexual health components of REAL Essentials Advance are SRA (Sexual Risk Avoidance) approved. All lessons are inclusive, evidence based and medically accurate.

Activities prepare students to better understand and address:

  • Their individual identity and how it impacts relationships
  • How to recognize and respect differences in others
  • Effective communication techniques for navigating conflict and expressing oneself
  • How to develop healthy dating strategies and ideas for staying connected with good friends
  • Safe social media guidelines and viewing advertisements through an accurate lens
  • Creating vision and applying it to future dreams and success
  • The benefits of commitment and marriage
  • Developing leadership skills for gaining future employment and keeping a job
  • Sex in the context of love and its effect on whole person health


Katie N.

As a co-founder of our organization, I am very particular about the type of relationship education we offer our students. We have been using CRE’s curricula for 5+ years now, and REAL Essentials has served us well. REAL Essentials is relevant, fun, and comprehensive in its material about healthy relationships. The Power Points are colorful and engaging, the activities are creative and memorable. Joneen and her staff have been accommodating and personable, always ready to help in a myriad of ways. The training sessions we have attended have been dynamic, research-based, and inclusive to all who serve and work with adolescents. The Etch-a-Sketch mascot has become a huge hit, recognizable to adults and teens in our community. We are choosing to “shake it up” and start over here in Citrus! Big thanks to CRE & their commitment to excellence.

Dawnna K T.

We have been presenting the REAL Essentials curriculum in the Onslow County schools, and community for over a year. The program is “life changing” for our young people and some adults that are involved. The focus on healthy relationships and self awareness is what lures the young people in; when we present the personality profile, many of our young people have never been asked or introduced to who they really are as a person. The students think they are just going to learn about sex and body parts, but they instead learn about themselves. We empower and inspire them through the program to focus on creating healthy relationships with themselves, to set boundaries and goals. REAL Essentials presents an optimal health, holistic approach to young people, and this enables them to make healthy life choices way behind their childhood and teenage years.

Kris J.

I have been a prevention educator around healthy relationships for 10 years. Finding REAL Essentials was so exciting because it aligned with my own research and gave me so much more! I have used this curriculum with 1000s of students and continue to use it because it is effective! Being able to offer so many outside resources into one comprehensive curriculum is a gift. Knowing I have done my homework in this area, I am truly appreciative that CRE has done theirs and gone far and above what is acceptable to exceptional. My goal is to see this used throughout our county as the standard for healthy relationship education from 5th grade up.

Class Registration

Are you interested in having our certified instructor come teach this curriculum to your youth? Presentations are free of charge! We can do school assemblies, health class presentations, youth group classes and more. The great thing about REAL Essentials is it can be accustomed to your needs and wants for your specific purpose.

You will never have this day again, so make it count.