Deciding to have an abortion isn’t easy. And if you’re struggling emotionally after the procedure, know you aren’t alone. Some women experience post-abortion mental health struggles and wonder how they can heal.

Depression, anxiety, grief, and other adverse mental health effects can occur, but you can find the peace you need to continue your life. Factors like facing pressure to abort or a preexisting history of mental health conditions can increase the likelihood you’ll develop further issues after abortion. But healing is possible.

Be Kind To Yourself

You’re likely feeling guilt and shame about your pregnancy decision. This isn’t uncommon and may occur if you were unsure about abortion or if you regret your decision. Try to be kind to yourself and take care of your well-being. It’s easy to blame yourself, but this won’t help your recovery journey. 

Share your experiences with supportive loved ones who can offer a listening ear. As much as you may want to isolate yourself from others and retreat from activities you enjoy, these actions could intensify your struggles. Even if you do one nice thing for yourself every day, getting back into a routine may be helpful.

Seek Professional Help and Extra Support

You may need counseling from a qualified professional if your mental health struggles profoundly affect your everyday life. This isn’t a decision to be ashamed of; you deserve help from someone trained in post-abortion recovery. You can also look into post-abortion support groups at your local pregnancy center. 

Azar House understands the grief stemming from abortion can take weeks, months, or years to develop. We’re here for you regardless of which stage you’re in. We offer six and eleven-week post-abortion support groups to help you process your emotions and connect with others. These services are provided to both women and men. 

Learn How We Can Walk Alongside You

At Azar House, we’ll treat you with the love and respect you desire. All our services are free, so you don’t need to worry about insurance or payment plans. 

Contact us today to make an appointment. We’ll talk you through our offerings and how we can help.

You will never have this day again, so make it count.