When considering abortion, many women become aware of the physical side effects and complications they may experience following the procedure. Fewer are aware of the emotional consequences of abortion, despite these effects being a genuine possibility. 

Continue reading to learn more about the mental health effects of abortion and what to do to achieve post-abortion healing.

How Will I Feel After an Abortion?

It’s hard to pinpoint how a woman may feel following an abortion because each experience is unique. For some, the procedure may create feelings of relief. For others, an abortion can cause emotions like grief, sadness, and even depression, which can sometimes be severe.

Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS) is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder that some women and even men experience. 

Abortion is a significant medical decision and can carry major emotional consequences. It isn’t always easy to decide to have one. This decision may be even more difficult based on your beliefs, unique situation, and outside pressure from family or friends.

Post-Abortion Healing is Possible

If you are struggling with depression or grief after an abortion, knowing that healing is possible is vital. The first thing to do is seek professional counseling from a mental health professional like a grief counselor or therapist. They will be able to guide you through your emotions and put you on a path to peace.

Consider writing your feelings about your abortion in a journal. Think about the emotions that bother you most, and ask yourself why you’d like to achieve healing. Sometimes, writing your thoughts down can be an excellent way to identify your biggest struggles and point yourself in the right direction. 

Joining a post-abortion support group may also be beneficial. Having the space to talk about your feelings in a safe environment can make all the difference during a difficult time. Remember, you deserve to find healing and peace. It is possible to move forward!

Post-Abortion Support at Azar House

Are you struggling with a past abortion? At Azar House, healing is possible. We’d be honored to talk with you about your feelings and get you on a path to peace. We offer support to both women and men. 

Contact us today to learn more. We’re here for you during this time. You are not alone!

You will never have this day again, so make it count.