What is a Medical Abortion?

Medical abortion is one method that ends a pregnancy. If you’re considering this as a pregnancy option, you should understand medical abortion thoroughly. Before any pregnancy decision, protect your health and gain pregnancy details with an ultrasound. Azar House will help you arrange a limited obstetrical ultrasound. We care about your health. What You Should […]

How Will Abortion Affect Me Mentally?

Every woman experiences different side effects and recovery periods from medical procedures. Abortion is no different, but the added risk of mental health effects and the decision’s weight can complicate things.  While no one can say with certainty how you’ll feel, we do know abortion can cause various emotional responses. And if you’re struggling to […]

Do I Have to Tell My Partner I Want an Abortion? 

No, you don’t have to tell your partner you want an abortion. However, if you wish to continue your relationship and don’t have any concerns about potential abuse, then you may want to tell them. Abortion is a huge decision that will impact both of your lives. Here are some reasons why you should consider […]

Why Talk to Us About Abortion?

An unplanned pregnancy can feel like your world is crumbling, especially if you don’t have the support or resources you need. But you’re not alone.  Azar House stands alongside you during this journey and provides non-judgmental support. Continue reading to learn how we can help you. Pregnancy Confirmation Services If you suspect you’re pregnant or […]

What Are the Risks of Abortion?

Abortion is a serious medical procedure, so it is important that you get all of the facts in order to make an informed decision. There are two types of abortion: medical abortion and surgical abortion.  Your health matters, so it is crucial that you understand the different abortion procedures and what they entail. What Is […]

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